Tips for bigger Breast Size

Okay, we do not have to be right back to Pamela Anderson 2.0, but a little cleavage is pretty cozy at the time. Showing off with your two girls do you prefer if there is something to show, is not it? So help Mother Nature just a hand with these 15 ways you go from a barely A to a biggie B.


Ruffles, fringes or horizontally striped shirts: these are the simple things that make your breasts look bigger. A large statement necklace, a round neckline or a turtleneck accentuate the size of your breasts. You may wonder: where is the V-neck? The accent is on your breasts, but it does not let them seem optically larger unfortunately.

No too small bra

Whatever you do, do not put yourself in too small a bra. It may be tempting to do, because you do create that slit, but it is not very good for your breasts and your body. You get stretch marks and if you wear a tight sweater, it also looks weird (read: vague bobbles everywhere).

You can learn to accentuate

Accentuate your waist with a belt or short jacket. If you focus on your narrow waist, your breasts will be bigger. Ideal. Also a taerok or pants do nice things for smaller breasts.

Wear crop tops

Also fun and very hip: crop tops. Grow a nice six pack and shoot in a nice crop top. Too cold in winter? Wear a blouse or a long-sleeved shirt. Freezing cold and very nice.
The right bra for the right effect

For a beautiful cleavage it’s all about the perfect bra. Each bra has its own specialty. We already mentioned the maximizer, but the next three you also have:
Push-up bra: brings your breasts closer together, so you get that slit.
Padded bra: no slit, but the different foam pads make your breasts bigger in the whole.
Gel, air or water-filled bras:your breasts naturally move with you, only the disadvantage is that they are often more expensive.


pin Use a safety pin to fasten the two cups of your bra together at the front. As a result, you bring your breasts closer together, so you suddenly have a cleavage. Note: if your breasts are larger than a B-cup, there will be too much tension on the pin and there is a good chance that it will snap.


bra Finally, the sports bra. A well-fitting sports bra is not only useful in the gym, even under a normal shirt it ensures that your breasts stay in place and yes, also bigger eyes.

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