Electric shaving: maintenance and shaving tips

Electric shavers have become very popular among young men in recent years, because they shave much closer to the skin, give a smoother result, cause less skin irritation and you’re done faster.

Many men have switched from razor blades to electric shaving (shaving without shaving cream, blissful anyway). But before you start with an electric shaver men, it is best to read through these important shaving tips.

Clean after 3 turns

You must clean your shaver after every three shaves, and if possible even after every shave. There are several shavers on the market, including those from Braun , Panasonic and Philips, with vibrating and rotating systems .

With a vibrating system : After loosening the upper part of the device, you can carefully remove the hairs and flakes from the shaving foil. It is advisable not to touch the foil with a brush, because you can destroy your shaver. Under the foil is the knife block and you should brush that part of the device in its entirety, remove all hairs and flakes, so you can shave properly.

When using a Philips Rotating shaver , you must remove the top and clean the shaving foil so that the three shaving heads and the inside of the appliance are clean. Be very careful during this cleaning process! For example, do not try to remove stiff whiskers by pushing the shaving heads against the sink, which can cause irreparable damage to your knives. Clean every month behind the shaving heads, remove all dirt and flakes with a brush and clean the heads with detergent.

Maintain your shaver

After cleaning your shaver, it is very important to maintain the metal surfaces with lubricant and cleaning agent . You can use a spray, this lubricates the foil while you have the device on. This agent can be used with all brands such as Remington, Philips and Braun shavers, so you protect the foil and the blades against all types of dirt. Use the spray in moderation and never try to wipe it off. When you start shaving again, you notice that the sound of your shaver sounds different, and the blades return to full power.

Shaving techniques

Every man has a shaving technique that suits him best. You can gently rub your face with your fingers and thereby feel in which direction your hair grows. That can vary from place to place. Gently pull the skin backwards, and move the device against the hair growth direction with your other hand. But this is not the only way to do it. When you use Philips rotary shavers , you can make small circular movements, but never press too hard during the shaving process.

If you have sensitive skin, be very careful with your electric shaver . Men with particularly sensitive skin can best start at the sensitive areas of their face and then continue with the less sensitive areas such as the area between the ears, mouth and nose. Some razors become hot when you hold them against your skin, and that can cause irritation after your shave. That’s why it’s smart to start with the sensitive areas when the shaving head has not become so hot yet. When the shaving head is warmed up, you can continue with less sensitive areas around your nose, mouth and ears.

Adjust to a new device

An important shaving tip for men is to give the new device some time when switching to another electric shaver . Most devices currently available use similar principles, but how they are applied can vary enormously per device. Please read the manual carefully. If you used a razor blade for this, your face must be electrically shaved for at least a week or two or three.