Don’t Stop Your Pee

You hear a lot of contradictions. You can get your bladder extended frequently and for a long time. But procrastination can also be a great bladder training again. Simply put: is your pee ceasing well or not? This advises urologists.

If you remain in bed during the night, throughout the day during a crucial meeting or on the way house in a sprinter where no toilet is to be seen. You will simply see that you have to urinate at such moments. And essential too! Then simply stop. You can do that, right?

Up to one liter of urine

According to this video by Continuously Curious on Facebook, that is indeed possible, although there are of course limits. For example, your bladder could hold up to a liter of urine. In very uncommon cases, for example in people who feel no urgency and whose bladder tissue has actually been seriously damaged, the bladder might then even burst. An operation is then needed to restore it.

The urologist: ‘Bladder can not snap’

Thankfully, people normally never ever let their bladder reach its optimum capacity. From a hundred and fifty to 2 hundred milliliters of bladder filling, we currently get an urge to urinate. Stopping your pee longer is possibly uncomfortable, however your bladder can not really ruin it, according to urologist Laetitia de Kort of UMC Utrecht on

Extended bladder

Nevertheless, according to the urologist it may be bad for another need to stop your urine. The bladder consists of elastic tissue. If that tissue is only long and typically under tension, the rack will head out. De Kort: “Stopping the puddle as soon as is not hazardous. But if you do this typically, the bladder can stretch and therefore lose its squeezing power. “You might not be able to urinate too, so that urine can stay in the bladder and you have a possibility of infections. An extended bladder can even trigger kidney damage inning accordance with the urologist. According to Olaf Vrooman, urologist in the Arnhem Rijnstate health center, you must never stop your pee for more than four hours. He warns about the repercussions on the Women’s Health website.

Overactive bladder? Pee simply stop!

On the other hand, it is likewise not good to go to the toilet at the slightest or tiniest blow stimulus. Then your bladder gets utilized to little pee and an overactive or irritated bladder lurks, likewise called desire incontinence. Because case the longer stopping of your pee can be great once again. Not surprising, because in addition to an organ of elastic tissue, the bladder is also a muscle. You can train muscles. By deliberately postponing peeing, your bladder gets used to a bigger volume, so you do not need to go to the bathroom every when in a while. This method is likewise referred to as bladder training.

Simply put, it is better not to keep your pee long, but do not go to the toilet too rapidly. Ladies normally pee as soon as every three to four hours. Do you need to urinate a lot more frequently? Then there is more to it.

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