Banana Diet For Weight Loss

Banana Diet – an incredibly popular and affordable method to drop weight. A number of years ago, a description of the diet plan appeared on the web, and ever since, many people worldwide have effectively reduced weight due to it.


During the diet you have to avoid sugar, alcohol and numerous carbonated sweet beverages.

Diet plan Menu:

Breakfast: a banana and a glass of water. If you desire, you can supplement the low-fat protein-rich foods – such as cheese or cheese.
Lunch: a banana and a glass of water, a vegetable salad with a piece of lean meat or sea fish.
Supper: banana and a glass of water. After half an hour you can consume a protein low-calorie meal.
It is thought that bananas help your appetite, so that a person is restricted to the usage of bananas or eat other food in extremely moderate quantities.

Expert advice

Many professionals concur that the banana diet can be very reliable however hazardous. For example, it is dangerous for the health of teeth, as sugars in bananas adhere to teeth and gums are stronger than with other fruits. Partly they can remain on the surface area of the gums and glaze after brushing. If the bananas you consume something else, is somewhat helps to clean up the teeth from sugar sticky if you are limited to simply one banana, gradually seriously impact the condition of the teeth.

In addition, the body is tough to process bananas, especially if you consume them on an empty stomach. For that reason, throughout the diet symptoms such as stomach cramps, irregularity and other attributes of the gastrointestinal system can happen.

Bananas – one of the sweetest fruits, bananas and abuse increases the risk of type II diabetes. Naturally, a few days of the diet plan is unlikely, but those whose household history has diabetes, along with those who have currently identified insulin resistance Insulin resistance – since it is dangerous for the body? Insulin resistance – due to the fact that it threatens for the body?

Must apply to the banana diet with care.

Lastly, long banana diet danger shortage of important nutrients. Due to the little content of protein diet plan can result in a reduction in muscle mass. For this factor, comply with the banana diet plan for longer than 3 to 5 days, is strongly prevented.

How beneficial are bananas

Bananas, there are 2 indisputable advantages: they are rich in fiber and potassium. Fiber assists rid the guts of toxins – is actually “communicates” from the gut all “trash”. In addition, it enhances intestinal tract motility and therefore prevents constipation, which is extremely important for low-calorie diet plans, due to the fact that if the food comes then irregularity is practically inescapable. The favorable homes of bananas are that through the mild cleaning of the intestinal tract normalize metabolic processes, the very best impact on the look, particularly on the skin, which is essential for women. He goes in the very first gut contents, these are benefits: typical metabolic process Improves metabolism and reduce weight without and if not instantly go back fat and sweet food enter big amounts, the acquired weight of the diet plan is kept.

Potassium – is a mineral that requires the muscles. Without it, an individual worries about the slowness and fatigue. Particularly potassium required heart muscle – the myocardium. Potassium promotes the excretion of fluid, that is, decreased edema, consisting of hidden. With a lack of potassium heart muscle lose strength and dexterity, there might be discomfort in the heart Discomfort in the heart – constantly speak with a doctor and cardiac arrhythmia. Bananas are therefore helpful for cardiovascular diseases.

Bananas also consist of phosphorus (part of the thinking), magnesium (the “heart” mineral – it regulates heart rhythm), calcium (important for the fortifying of the structure of the bones and teeth), vitamins – A and E (promotes skin restoration ), Group B (offer the body extra energy), C (reinforces the walls of the capillary and the body immune system).

Regardless of the reality that bananas eliminate adequate calories a few kilograms a banana diet can be. A typical worth peeled banana weighs about 130 grams in 100 grams of banana includes 90 kcal, then a banana their typical about 117. Thus, bananas provide sufficient healthy food because it includes lots of natural sugars (sucrose, fructose, glucose), which indicates you do not need to starve.

The three-day diet banana

The three-day banana diet rather severe, however the authors promise that in 3 days you can lose three kgs of weight. It is clear that weight reduction is due to bowel cleansing and getting rid of surprise edema. But it is not as bad as it seems. By such a diet the metabolism accelerates and if it does not start after the wind, and meet the concepts of a well balanced diet, the outcome will be good.

On this diet for 3 days, no greater than 3 bananas must consume three glasses of skimmed milk or yogurt daily. The daily provision is finest divided into 6 meals, you get half the banana in combination with half a glass of milk, of which the blender can make a mixed drink.

The seven-day diet plan banana

The seven-day dietary banana starts with preparatory days, during which time excluded from the diet of sweet, oily, fried, spicy and salty foods. After the preparation of the day for a week of bananas eat only one (in amounts) and consume a great deal of moisture as still mineral water, green tea without sugar or just drinking water.

This diet plan is more unsafe than a three-day, as during the week of the body is not getting the animal protein. This can have an unfavorable influence on the state of the body immune system and the look. However you can lose weight, as you know, a banana – it is 117 calories, so you can consume them even 10, and it will be just 1170 kcal, while if the health of an adult females, do not engage in physical labor needs a minimum of 1700 kcal. Healing can take up to 7 kg and will not just loss of moisture and toxins, however also fat.

After the banana diet

Of excellent significance is the additional feeding after every short-term diets, such as after the banana. If such diet plans are moved with terrific problem, it is much better not to utilize, because after the “brave act” evolving cravings and whatever dumped kg to come back, and often with the addition. If the banana diet plan is to your taste, it suggests that it is your diet plan and it can be repeated frequently. Three days diet can be duplicated once a month, seven days – every 2 – 3 months.

When the diet is over, you should go to a regular well balanced diet plan. You must not eat fatty meat, fried foods, sweets, pastries, sugary soft drinks. Instead, attempt to consume more vegetables and fruits, both fresh and in heat-treated type.

Eat well, therefore that food gives you satisfaction, then the fast days through extreme diets will go in your favor.

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