Electric shaving: maintenance and shaving tips

Electric shavers have become very popular among young men in recent years, because they shave much closer to the skin, give a smoother result, cause less skin irritation and you’re done faster.

Many men have switched from razor blades to electric shaving (shaving without shaving cream, blissful anyway). But before you start with an electric shaver men, it is best to read through these important shaving tips.

Clean after 3 turns

You must clean your shaver after every three shaves, and if possible even after every shave. There are several shavers on the market, including those from Braun , Panasonic and Philips, with vibrating and rotating systems .

With a vibrating system : After loosening the upper part of the device, you can carefully remove the hairs and flakes from the shaving foil. It is advisable not to touch the foil with a brush, because you can destroy your shaver. Under the foil is the knife block and you should brush that part of the device in its entirety, remove all hairs and flakes, so you can shave properly.

When using a Philips Rotating shaver , you must remove the top and clean the shaving foil so that the three shaving heads and the inside of the appliance are clean. Be very careful during this cleaning process! For example, do not try to remove stiff whiskers by pushing the shaving heads against the sink, which can cause irreparable damage to your knives. Clean every month behind the shaving heads, remove all dirt and flakes with a brush and clean the heads with detergent.

Maintain your shaver

After cleaning your shaver, it is very important to maintain the metal surfaces with lubricant and cleaning agent . You can use a spray, this lubricates the foil while you have the device on. This agent can be used with all brands such as Remington, Philips and Braun shavers, so you protect the foil and the blades against all types of dirt. Use the spray in moderation and never try to wipe it off. When you start shaving again, you notice that the sound of your shaver sounds different, and the blades return to full power.

Shaving techniques

Every man has a shaving technique that suits him best. You can gently rub your face with your fingers and thereby feel in which direction your hair grows. That can vary from place to place. Gently pull the skin backwards, and move the device against the hair growth direction with your other hand. But this is not the only way to do it. When you use Philips rotary shavers , you can make small circular movements, but never press too hard during the shaving process.

If you have sensitive skin, be very careful with your electric shaver . Men with particularly sensitive skin can best start at the sensitive areas of their face and then continue with the less sensitive areas such as the area between the ears, mouth and nose. Some razors become hot when you hold them against your skin, and that can cause irritation after your shave. That’s why it’s smart to start with the sensitive areas when the shaving head has not become so hot yet. When the shaving head is warmed up, you can continue with less sensitive areas around your nose, mouth and ears.

Adjust to a new device

An important shaving tip for men is to give the new device some time when switching to another electric shaver . Most devices currently available use similar principles, but how they are applied can vary enormously per device. Please read the manual carefully. If you used a razor blade for this, your face must be electrically shaved for at least a week or two or three.

How much gastric juice and intestinal juice you produce per day

The advice is always given to drink between 1.5 and 2 liters per day. This water is necessary to keep your body well on track. However, the coffee, tea and water you drink is not the only moisture that gets into your digestive tract. Your body also produces gastric juice and intestinal juice in all kinds of forms. But how much sugar juice and intestine juice do you actually produce on average per day?

In short, your gastrointestinal tract runs from mouth to butt. During that process, a lot happens with the food and drinks that you consume. It is, among other things, digested, nutrients are absorbed and waste materials are eventually excreted via the feces. Below is an overview of the (most important) components of the gastrointestinal tract:

Mouth and esophagus

Your food is chewed in your mouth. Because the food is chopped into small pieces, the saliva can work on a larger surface. In the saliva are enzymes such as amylase. These are the first step in the digestion of sugars. The food is then pushed into the esophagus. The esophagus is only a transport tube. There is not much else happening.


Then the food arrives in the stomach. It contains gastric juice that is very acidic, hence the name stomach acid. Because of this acid environment bacteria and other micro-organisms are killed. This includes many enzymes that also contribute to the digestion of your food.

Small intestine

The small intestine is many meters long and consists of three parts: the duodenum (the duodenum), the jejunum and the ileum. In the small intestine the largest part of the absorption of nutrients takes place. Every part of the small intestine absorbs other nutrients to a certain extent. The last piece of the ileum, for example, is the only vitamin B12 to absorb. A lot of moisture is also absorbed in the small intestine. Bile and digestive juices from the pancreas also end up in the small intestine.


The food then continues to the colon. It absorbs the last nutrients and also moisture. There are also a lot of bacteria in the colon. These also play an important role in digestion. Influenced by the bacteria, vitamin K is formed, which is then absorbed into the blood.

How much gastric juice and bowel juice per day?

All day gastric juice and intestinal juice is produced. Each part of the intestine makes a different amount of moisture. In the gastrointestinal tract, most of the fluid is eventually taken up again so that not everything goes out with your feces. How much gastric juice and intestinal juice is produced exactly per day?

Disbalance and diarrhea

The colon has a large reserve to absorb fluid. For example, if you drink 3 liters a day, your colon can also take this extra liter. This fluid is eventually released from the body via the urine. As you can read, there is normally a good balance in the gastrointestinal tract: enough moisture is absorbed to ensure that there is little moisture in the stool. However, an imbalance may develop in certain diseases; there is not enough moisture absorbed in comparison with the supply. This causes too much fluid in the stool and diarrhea. This occurs, for example, in diseases that affect the intestinal wall, such as Crohn’s disease. Certain bacteria and viruses can also disrupt the balance.

Tips for bigger Breast Size

Okay, we do not have to be right back to Pamela Anderson 2.0, but a little cleavage is pretty cozy at the time. Showing off with your two girls do you prefer if there is something to show, is not it? So help Mother Nature just a hand with these 15 ways you go from a barely A to a biggie B. https://www.curvesnmore.com/


Ruffles, fringes or horizontally striped shirts: these are the simple things that make your breasts look bigger. A large statement necklace, a round neckline or a turtleneck accentuate the size of your breasts. You may wonder: where is the V-neck? The accent is on your breasts, but it does not let them seem optically larger unfortunately.

No too small bra

Whatever you do, do not put yourself in too small a bra. It may be tempting to do, because you do create that slit, but it is not very good for your breasts and your body. You get stretch marks and if you wear a tight sweater, it also looks weird (read: vague bobbles everywhere).

You can learn to accentuate

Accentuate your waist with a belt or short jacket. If you focus on your narrow waist, your breasts will be bigger. Ideal. Also a taerok or pants do nice things for smaller breasts.

Wear crop tops

Also fun and very hip: crop tops. Grow a nice six pack and shoot in a nice crop top. Too cold in winter? Wear a blouse or a long-sleeved shirt. Freezing cold and very nice.
The right bra for the right effect

For a beautiful cleavage it’s all about the perfect bra. Each bra has its own specialty. We already mentioned the maximizer, but the next three you also have:
Push-up bra: brings your breasts closer together, so you get that slit.
Padded bra: no slit, but the different foam pads make your breasts bigger in the whole.
Gel, air or water-filled bras:your breasts naturally move with you, only the disadvantage is that they are often more expensive.


pin Use a safety pin to fasten the two cups of your bra together at the front. As a result, you bring your breasts closer together, so you suddenly have a cleavage. Note: if your breasts are larger than a B-cup, there will be too much tension on the pin and there is a good chance that it will snap.


bra Finally, the sports bra. A well-fitting sports bra is not only useful in the gym, even under a normal shirt it ensures that your breasts stay in place and yes, also bigger eyes.


Slimming is a goal that is high on the wish list for many people. People like to think about the end result and how they would look when they would be slimmer. However, this often remains a fantasy when they think of the amount of work and time that needs to be put into this. Best Tasting Greens Powder

Slimming is not something you come to, but a conscious choice must be made to achieve this. Yet weight loss does not necessarily have to be very annoying. It is indeed possible to eat fewer calories and also have a good meal. There are a number of tips that will be treated that will make losing weight a lot easier.


There are many tips to mention, but not everyone has the same amount here. This tip does everyone and it concerns breakfast . Your body has used a lot of energy during sleep and this needs to be supplemented. In addition, it is not wise to start the day without a healthy breakfast, since you are probably less comfortable in your skin and can quickly tend to snacking. In addition, your metabolism will start less well if you do not have breakfast.

Always start the day with a healthy breakfast, but be careful that you do not eat too much, since you want to eat less calories than usual. It is wise to start the day with proteins or with complex carbohydrates. These are both difficult to digest and give a constant energy release during the day, so you get hungry less quickly. Choose for example: curd cheese, a wholemeal sandwich with egg or oatmeal.

Focus on what is allowed

It is often thought that when you lose weight you can no longer eat, but it is a better idea to focus on what you can eat. It is still possible to eat very well. When you want to lose weight you can still eat a lot of goodies.

However, it is not wise to eat food such as: fast food, fried food, biscuits, crisps and the like. These products do not fit within a good diet and also contain relatively few nutrients. It is therefore important to no longer buy these products in the supermarket. However, when you focus on which tasty products you can eat, it is a lot more pleasant and your thinking about losing weight is also less negative.


Seriously getting started with slimming is a sensible move. Even if you have a lot of discipline, it can still be that you come into contact with many unhealthy temptations. It is important, for example, to appoint a day or a time during the week on which you are less strict in your diet. This can be by eating more calories than the rest of the days in the week, or eating your favorite dish that day. This way you take one moment in the week on which you eat less healthy or eat more calories and you have an appointment with yourself on which you do this. This way you can resist temptations more easily, since you have a concrete agreement with yourself.

Setting goals and making arrangements

Tip five goes beyond tip four and involves setting goals and making agreements in the field of losing weight. Every person is sensitive to concrete goals and will therefore work in a more motivated and disciplined way without goal or planning. Say therefore to yourself certain things such as: number of calories per day, eating two servings of fruit per day, spread over the food day target weight after a few weeks, a certain number of times exercise a week and numerous other targets and agreements.

Write these things for yourself, so that you are constantly reminded of it. It is important to keep this as concrete as possible. So you are more focused on your goal and it is harder for yourself to deviate from this.


Tip six builds on tip five and concerns created routines in the week that help to get rid of that big belly . If you want to lose weight, it is very good to make a routine out of losing weight. So losing weight is no longer an isolated thing in your week, but you integrate the process of losing weight in your entire week and on all aspects. For example, you can make it a routine to eat curds with fruit in the morning, to exercise on certain evenings during the week or to eat a lot of vegetables with dinner. Make sure that your appointments become routines at a given moment, so that you keep these appointments much easier.


When you make such a concrete nutritional planning, it is more difficult to move away from this and you also make sure that you stay under that calorie limit more easily. So you do not have to add up all the calories per day, but you can make a rough estimate in advance. It is important to actually stick to this here.


The last tip concerns sports. There are people who would rather not play sports, but would like to lose weight. This is certainly possible, but that means you have to get serious with your weekly diet and calories. To make slimming faster or to stay below that calorie limit, exercise is a wise choice. By exercising you burn calories and make sure that you increase the gap between the required number of calories in the body and the actual amount of calories that are ingested. The larger this hole the faster you will lose weight.

Do you find it very difficult to eat less calories, choose for swimming, running, skipping, cycling, rowing or any other sport where you can burn a lot of calories in a short period of time. Sports is not necessary to lose weight, but it strengthens the process a lot and you will have lost that big belly earlier.


Do you want to lose weight as quickly as possible, but in a healthy way? Then you also want all your efforts to be rewarded with a good result? In order to achieve that, it is important to know what you do and do not have to pay attention to.

That is why in this article I discuss the 5 most common mistakes in losing weight and losing weight.


You will not hear me say that you can not easily lose weight with a crash diet. I am concerned that this effect is only temporary. You get to deal with the yo-yo effect in most cases .

What happens with a crash diet is that you will maintain a new diet from one day to the next. Concretely, that simply means that you sit down to 1,000 calories a day.

Your body will quickly notice this and try to absorb this ‘setback’ by retaining as much energy as possible. This way your body keeps a reserve for uncertain times. Of course, if you eat too few calories you will burn excess fat, but once you have achieved your desired weight and then you eat the same way as you did before the crash diet, then the body does not immediately think that the next time again enough food is available.

The body therefore remains in energy-efficient mode and will try to keep as many calories as possible. So you get back to your old weight at lightning speed.


For years we have been told that fat is unhealthy, but luckily the truth about fat is slowly coming in. It turns out that a diet with many fats is very healthy and also essential for the proper functioning of our body.

In addition, fat-free diets and low-fat products, often contain a lot of sugars, so that this food still has a good taste. Especially the sugar fructose is widely used in fat-free products. This sweetener has been proven to be one of the unhealthiest sugars that we can find in processed food and one of the biggest causes is that so many people are overweight.

So do not be afraid to eat butter, avocado or nuts if you want to lose weight as quickly as possible, because these are the healthy fats.


Sports can be very healthy, because you reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes, your muscles and bones become stronger and you get more energy. Yet you will only lose weight as quickly as possible, by doing more than exercising .

Sports will have to see you as a tool, but not as a means. Your diet remains the most important thing. Lose weight is actually 70% nutrition and 30% exercise. So first take your diet, before you start exercising.


There are so many weight loss pills and diet pills on the market that it is almost difficult to believe that they really work. And that’s right too. Slimming pills do not work at all. In fact, these pills often do more harm to your metabolism than good.

If a slimming product seems too good to be true, it is often too. Therefore try to lose weight as quickly as possible with as much natural nutrition as possible.


It may seem like an open door, but often it is not consciously thought about enough. If you set an objective for yourself, you can get to work more effectively and this will increase the chances of success, but the objective may not be too high. If that is the case, then the chances of not doing this are very high. You put so much pressure on yourself, which can eventually cause annoyances and your motivation will drop to lose weight as quickly as possible.

For example, if you want to be 10 kilos lighter in 4 weeks, that’s a very ambitious goal. For this you will immediately have to change your lifestyle drastically and that can be very heavy.

You will also have to make a plan with your objective, because an objective without plan is not an objective, but a wish !

Nerve pain – What does the treatment consist of?

“It never gets used to”, said presenter and author Marc de Hond about nerve pain in an interview with the Varagids. He suffers from this problem every day due to a paraplegia. “If you are completely healthy and you suddenly have the pain I have every day, you will probably stay at home, I can now get over the pain, but you never get used to it.”

Unfortunately, for many patients, the pain does not go away completely and they have to give it a place, just like De Hond. Often the cause of the pain can not be removed (for example diabetes ), but fortunately there are many treatments possible that alleviate the pain. In some patients, the pain disappears completely. Ordinary painkillers do not work well against nerve pain. Besides medication, there are also alternatives to deal with the pain.


Often patients get a combination of resources. It is not always about pills, sometimes you locally apply a cream or gel to the sensitive area.
Only after a while can you know whether a treatment is working well. Unfortunately, a number of remedies have side effects. If the pain completely disappears, you can sometimes reduce the medication without the pain coming back. However, this is not always the case.


TENS stands for Transcutane Electrical NeuroStimulation. This is a small device with electrodes that are placed on the skin. By giving small electrical impulses via the electrodes, the nerve is stimulated to make analgesic substances. This can give relief from the pain complaints.

The scholars do not agree whether the scientific ‘evidence’ for the functioning of TENS is sufficiently substantiated. But many patients benefit from it.

Psychological help

It is frustrating to have pain. Even worse is when you notice that not one two three is a solution. Depressed feelings, fear of worsening symptoms, anger and stress are common in people with pain.

Talking to a psychologist can help you learn how to deal with this. ‘Stepping over the pain’, as Marc de Hond calls it, seems to be an impossible task for some patients, but talking often helps to deal with the frustrations of learning.

Physiotherapy and relaxation

Physiotherapy is an important part of the treatment for certain disorders, such as a hernia. Physiotherapy can also help with other forms of nerve pain . Cramping due to pain can cause unnecessary extra complaints. Massage, movement, stretching and relaxation can prevent this. Yoga can also sometimes help to learn to relax and to keep the muscles supple. For pain complaints, it is wise to consult with the GP to see which form of exercise is appropriate.

Specific treatments

Unfortunately, the cause of the pain can not always be traced. But if in your case it is known what your complaints are coming from, find out with your doctor which specific treatments and lifestyle advice can be useful to you.

For example, in the case of nerve pain in diabetes, it is important to pay more attention to controlling blood sugar levels through a healthy lifestyle. And in case of a hernia surgery can solve the symptoms.

Expectations of a treatment

The cause of the pain can often not be removed. Think of diabetes or a paraplegia. The treatment is therefore often focused on the pain to fight. Often it is possible to relieve the pain.

As a result, there is energy left to take steps to learn to live with the remaining pain. In some cases, the pain can even be completely controlled.

Hair loss in women; no panic, but action

I regularly receive emails from women who are (sometimes) almost panicked: “Marjolein, I suffer from extreme hair loss. Help, what can I do before I am completely bald? ” High time for an article about more than normal hair loss in women. Well ladies, Brand Name has an answer for you.

Hair loss? You’re not the only one

It will not give you any comfort, but you are not the only woman who at one point is afraid that she is becoming as bald as a billiard ball, when she looks at the number of hairs in her hairbrush. After the menopause, no less than 40% of the women suffer from the thinning of the hair. Thinning does not necessarily mean that you are becoming bald. But no woman wants to lose her hair and we have, I think, seen a woman with such extremely thin hair that you could see her skull well. We do not allow any woman and certainly not ourselves. Yet? Fortunately, there is a big difference between ‘normal’ hair loss and ‘extreme’ hair loss, although many women quickly find that they fall into the ‘extreme’ category. And that’s what we all understand as a woman.

Really extreme hair loss: mostly alopecia

Really extreme hair loss are the different forms of alopecia. There may be bald spots on the scalp or even general baldness, also elsewhere on the body. Alopecia probably belongs to autoimmune diseases, which means that the body attacks itself. In alopecia, the hair root bags are attacked, causing hair to fall out. Alopecia androgenetica is a form in which there are no bald spots but diffuse baldness; spread over especially the top of the head. (For more information see the site of the alopecia association )

Another form of baldness is called telogen efflivium. Here, too, there is diffuse hair loss over the entire head. This can occur acutely but also slowly. This causes are diverse, including many that I will mention below.

Of course, both forms of extreme baldness begin with a worrying amount of hair in your hairbrush. This does not mean that you are suffering from one of these extreme forms of hair loss. It is also possible that you get (temporarily) a somewhat thinner head as a result of the menopause. But regardless of what it is, you want to get into action today, I guess so.

Is the decrease in female hormones the cause?

Because many women in the menopause suffer from thinning hair is often said that this is due to the decrease of female hormones estrogen and progesterone. Because these female hormones in your body decrease, there is, relatively speaking, more testosterone. This is the male hormone that would then possibly cause female hair loss. In my opinion, this is too short because of the bend.

All women, with no exception, are confronted with decreasing levels of estrogen and progesterone during menopause. And you probably know, like me, women who, despite menopause, still have a jealous thick hair. In addition, 60% of menopausal women do not suffer from excessive hair loss. That the decrease of our female hormones is the cause is therefore not obvious. However, this does not mean that it can not be the result of hormonal changes in your body. But probably it is something else.

The causes of excessive hair loss in women

The causes of excessive hair loss can be very diverse. Factors that are often mentioned are excessive stress or trauma. Hair loss does not have to occur immediately, it can also occur after the stressful period is over. Think also of undergoing surgery or a firm infection, that is also a form of stress for your body. So go back in time, a month or six, and consider whether stress can be the cause.

All kinds of illnesses or certain medications can also lead to hair loss; read the small print of the leaflet when you use medication. Pay attention; the pill is also a medication and can suddenly lead to baldness. Thyroid problems that lead to metabolic problems can also be a cause. Skin problems and then of course problems with your scalp may be the underlying reason. Also consider excessive use of chemical hair dye products or other unnatural forms of hair treatment.

Gynecomastia – reduction of male breasts

The name gynecomastia comes from the Greek “gyne”, which means woman and “mastos” – breast, or female breasts. Gynecomastia is quite common and affects one or both breasts. It occurs during puberty in young boys as well as in menopause in older men.

In both of these cases, there is an increase in glandular tissue. The growth of adipose tissue associated with obesity can cause gynecomastia at any age. According to Oh My Moobs, there is also gynecomastia that accompanies many genetic diseases such as Klinefelter syndrome or sexual hypogonadism, endocrine diseases, as well as alcoholic liver cirrhosis. Hyperplazja, i.e. mild glandular tissue growth, is based on moderate proliferation of the ducts leading the breast gland and the growth of its fibrous tissue. It is believed that estrogens or estrogen-like substances circulating in the blood are a factor stimulating such processes. Check out this Info

Breast reduction treatment is particularly helpful for men with a cosmetic defect in breast growth.

During the procedure, the adipose tissue and the glandular tissue of the breast are removed, and in extreme cases it is also necessary to exclude excess skin. Thanks to this, a firm and well-formed chest is obtained.

If you suffer from gynecomastia, this information will allow you to better understand what the surgery is and what results you can expect from it. This information will not answer all your questions, because the method of treatment depends on many individual factors.


The treatment of gynecomastia can be carried out in healthy and emotionally balanced men of all ages. The best candidates are men whose breast skin is firm and elastic.

Surgery is contraindicated in obese, overweight men, who should start treatment with physical exercise and weight loss. In addition, the procedure is not carried out in men abusing alcohol, and using drugs, including mainly anabolics. The latter are one of the causes of gynecomastia. In such cases, it is recommended to discontinue the use of the drugs and often after a few weeks notice the reduction in breast size without the need for surgical intervention.


If the breast reduction procedure is performed by a qualified surgeon, complications are extremely rare. There may be: infection, skin damage, surface irregularities, bleeding and fluid accumulation at the surgical site. If breast asymmetry is significant, the next procedure should be performed to correct excess tissue. Often, however, temporary loss of nipple sensation occurs or its numbness is felt. These symptoms usually disappear within a year.

Medical consultation

During the initial consultation, our surgeon will gather an accurate interview and conduct a breast examination. In this way it will be possible to identify the causes of gynecomastia such as: liver damage, the use of estrogen drugs, or anabolics. If the cause of gynecomastia is not explained, the surgeon may refer you to specialist examinations. In some cases, the surgeon may also recommend ultrasound or mammography. All this to rule out the presence of breast cancer, although this is extremely rare. The above mentioned studies also allow to assess the composition of breast tissue. In this way, it is well known whether the glandular or fat tissue prevails and which surgical technique should be used.

Our surgeon will give you precise instructions on how to prepare for surgery, whether to eat, drink, take vitamins and other medicines before and on the day of surgery. Smokers should stop smoking at least one to two weeks before the planned surgery and during the convalescence period. Because smoking cigarettes weakens blood microcirculation and disturbs proper healing of the surgical areas.

Scandi Sense diet: makes weight loss easy

The Scandi Sense diet is a diet developed by the Danish Suzy Wengel. The author – who has struggled with obesity throughout her life – managed to lose almost 40 kilos with this diet in ten months. And more importantly, the kilos also remained. The diet is based on dietary advice formulated by the Danish Nutrition Center and is based on principles of common sense. In reviews of the diet book The Scandi Sense Diet is spoken of one of the easiest diets that exist. You use mental meal boxes and use your palms as measuring instruments to determine the amount of ingredients of your meals. over at this website

About the Scandi Sense diet

The Scandi Sense diet is a diet advised by Weightyz.com. When her book The Scandi Sense Diet ended up in the bookshops in Scandinavia in Scandinavia in 2018, it immediately sold as a tierelier. In reviews, the diet is also described as one of the easiest diets in terms of how to determine what you can and can not eat. According to Wengel, the diet is therefore mainly based on common sense’, or common sense, where you can often rely on what your mind gives you in relation to dietary choices. The diet is meant for everyone, whether you are male or female and whether you have a lot, little or no excess weight. By following the instructions in the book you learn to compile a Scandi Sense version of your normal daily meals. This sometimes requires only subtle adjustments in your usual menu. It is not a diet that follows recipes, but a step-by-step plan to make your own recipes healthier.

How do you make a Scandi version of your own menu?

As mentioned, the Scandi Sense diet is aimed at making you wise choices in compiling and measuring your daily meals. This is based on the idea that you satisfy yourself with balanced and healthy meals, which also prevent you from being tempted to snack unhealthy in between. You use ‘Scandi meal boxes’, a mental support in following the good line. You have to imagine that you have three meal boxes available daily to fill with the available ingredients, supplemented with no more than three tablespoons of fat.

Four palms full per meal

To measure the quantities of certain ingredients you may eat, use your own palms as measuring instruments. You can use four hands filled with ingredients for each meal. If well balanced this will saturate you until the next eating time. The book The Scandi Sense Dietexplains exactly how you fill these palms with the right ingredients in the right proportions. This principle is based on the premise that the size of your palm says something about your physique. Each meal consists of four palms full. The first two consist of carbohydrates in the form of vegetables. The third hand full consists of protein. You then choose something in the form of meat, fish, shellfish, eggs or cheese with a low fat content. Processed protein (such as bacon, ham or salami) should be avoided. The fourth hand full consists of carbohydrates in the form of breakfast cereals, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes or fruit.


In addition to your meals you can drink up to 300 ml of dairy daily, with a maximum of 3.5% fat and with little added sugars. In addition, it is important to drink 1 to 1.5 liters of water per day. You can also drink coffee, tea and light soft drinks, but here too it is important to use common sense. The book gives you tips on how to do this.

Eaten too much? Do not be angry with yourself

If you eat once too much than is actually allowed, it is important not to let your mind be influenced by this. Also people who usually have a very healthy daily routine and therefore sit on a perfect weight sometimes eat too much or too unhealthy. This perfect diet plan explains why it is important not to talk too much about this. This is one of the pitfalls when you follow a diet. Many people who once wrote about the letter quickly conclude that everything is ruined in one go and it all no longer has any meaning, with the result that you will overload.

Three meals a day

An important element of many diets is the number of meals you can eat in a day. While some diets prescribe strictly three meals a day, other diets are based on eating several small meals spread over the day. There is no conclusive scientific evidence that eating three meals a day is better than, for example, six or vice versa. Where one person benefits from only three meals, the other person can function better with several small meals. If you eat multiple meals throughout the day, then the risk is higher that you have a too large calorie intake, according to Wengel. Moreover, it is easier to keep your blood sugar level stable with three meals a day and thus prevent your urge to snack in between.

21 Vital Skin Care Tips

Obviously we all desire a lovely young skin. We want to avoid wrinkles as much as possible and avoid skin complaints and decrease them if you struggle with them. Now I myself am somebody with skin grievances (acne and rosacea) and therefore understand better than anyone exactly what is and is bad when it comes to skin care.

The 3 pillars of an efficient skin care routine is: nutrients, security and renewal. How you can best fill this out depends totally on your skin type, skin issues as well as your lifestyle. No body and no skin is the very same and that must definitely be taken into consideration. For instance, my skin is sensitive to pimples and I definitely should not use oily lotion, but in another person this is essential to avoid dry spell.

Pillar 1: Nutrients

Your skin is the biggest organ of your body and it readies to think about it for a minute, because when we consider organs, we think in the first instance of your heart, kidneys or possibly your lungs, however not of our skin! What is necessary to understand is that in the body whatever is linked and depends on each other.

Simply puts, you also need to take excellent care of your body if you want to have a healthy, gorgeous skin. Even if you utilize the most pricey items and regularly visit a beauty therapist, how can you expect to have stunning skin when you smoke, drink a lot of alcohol or do not focus on your intake of food?

Pillar 2: Protection

The consumption of nutrients is definitely a huge part of the skin care puzzle, but also know that the sun is the number 1 enemy when it comes to wrinkles and aging. In typical quantities, sunshine benefits the skin, but too much is really harmful and can have far-reaching repercussions. The same also applies to protecting your skin with an efficient skin care routine that I am about to talk about.

Pillar 3: Renewal

This indicates that our skin definitely has the capability to recuperate, even from periodic fall back into old (unhealthy) practices or once burn by the sun. Or simply a response to wrong skin care items (frequently skilled yourself). Especially then it readies to go back to the essentials and realize that you do not have to do it completely.

I am a big fan of the 80/20 rule where you mainly focus on the top 20% for 80% of the outcome, exactly what this 20% is I will now show you by methods of some beneficial suggestions!

Tip 1: Nutrition for gorgeous skin

A healthy, fresh and differed diet involves HUGE health benefits, I can discuss it here and will only concentrate on nutrition and your skin in this post. The most crucial vitamins for your skin are vitamins A, C and E and different antioxidants that you naturally discover in vegetables, fruit as well as in dark 70+ chocolate (take care with skin complaints).

” Side note: Now I am not in favor of taking supplements when there is no shortage, I will likewise not recommend you in supplements because first you need to inspect if you have a lack. You ought to always beware with supplements with the fat-soluble vitamins (ADEK)”.

Nutrition with vitamin A:

Red pepper
Bell pepper
Full Milk
Dried basil
Dried apricot

If you want to consume something various, take a look at the product packaging or it is in it.

It is valuable to supplement your green smoothie with a handful of carrots, pumpkin, etc. Bear in mind that variation is the key to success.

Nutrition with vitamin C:

Citrus fruits
Sweet potatoes
Red pepper
Green pepper
Green pepper
Brussels sprouts
Snow peas
Red pepper
Green beans

Do you wish to eat something else? Take a look at the product packaging for vitamin C.

Vitamin C is required because it assists in the production of collagen, this is important to keep the skin young. In addition, it is also an effective anti-oxidant as well as a crucial sponsor for the absorption of iron, for instance.

Now there will not be a shortage in the Netherlands when it concerns vitamin C. Nevertheless, do not ignore the damage of complimentary radicals on the skin – too much sunshine for instance harmed the skin and for that reason your body needs anti-oxidants to lower the damage and to minimize the complimentary radicals, this is likewise called the complimentary radical theory and it even appears that it is the cause of aging.

Now you can not quite stop totally free radicals – it belongs of life. However you can reduce them by improving your diet plan and getting adequate antioxidants. Likewise utilizing skin treatment items with anti-oxidants is a valuable method.

Vitamin E:

Avocados (my individual favorite).
Fatty fish.
Sunflower seeds.
Olive oil.

Do you want to consume something else? Have a look at the product packaging for vitamin E.

Both vitamin C and E have a double impact because they are both vitamins AND antioxidants. The trick is to obtain enough anti-oxidants from other sources in addition to vitamins.

My individual favorites are:.

Dark chocolate (70+).
Green tea.

However red wine is likewise filled with anti-oxidants. However, I do not consume alcohol myself since of the impact on my skin condition. You will need to evaluate this and of course in moderation:-RRB-.

Tip 2: Protect your skin from the sun.

The sun is a star with benefits and drawbacks. On the one hand, he makes certain that you make vitamin D on the other hand, you get skin damage if you get excessive sunlight.

For that reason safeguard your skin from the sun by applying sun block. Ensure that the cream protects against both UVA and UVB radiation. Both forms of ultraviolet light are hazardous to the skin.

Wear a hat with a wide brim. The broad edge functions as a sort of parasol so your face and (possibly) your shoulders are not too exposed to sunlight.

Remain in the shade as much as possible, sit in the shade of a tree when you go to the park to barbecue or buy a parasol so you can sit in the shade.

The consuming tomatoes also helps against the UV rays of the sun. Since of the lycopene that is in the tomatoes, your body can safeguard itself from the inside against the sun. Eating just tomatoes is inadequate, you need to also carry out all previous suggestions from tip 2 to protect yourself against the sun.

Tip 3: Sports.

By exercising you increase the blood circulation in your body. At the starting the flow in your skin is also improved, and in endurance sports, after a while, this becomes less to keep your body stepped up, but after workout your blood will go back to your skin to cool your body. Through these blood motions you ensure that the tiniest blood vessels stay in your skin and improve the transport function of the blood in your skin.

Great blood flow is therefore important to bring protective anti-oxidants to the skin and to have a healthy tone. That is why sports is a good idea for your skin.

By exercising you also replace fat by muscle mass, if you suffer from cellucite this can lower the fat in which cellulite can occur.

Be careful of sweating. If you sweat and do not shower after workout, you can get little bumps on your skin. It is not major, however less gorgeous. Watch on your health after workout.

Tip 4: Steam bath.

A steam bath was currently utilized by the ancient Greeks and occurs with a temperature level of 43 degrees celcius. The temperature level and steam helps versus acne and improves blood flow.

The steam triggers the pores in the skin to open so that a skin mask or nourishing cream can do its task even better. Be careful, you can get an allergy from some creams. So you should only do this with familiar ointments and creams.

Tip 5: Right bed linen.

You get up and see in the mirror that the pillow has left a great print on your face. That is the very first clear signal that bed linen impacts your skin. While you sleep, your face touches with your bedding all the time depending on your posture and the rest of your body.

It is important that you breathe bedding so that your sweat does not adhere to your body, there you can keep the very same bumps as the bumps of sweating during sports.

Always purchase cotton, linen or silk bed linen.

Tip 6: Enough sleep.

A great combination with the great bed linen is sufficient sleep. If you sleep too little, the blood flow in your skin will decrease, making you look so pale and pips. In doing so, you rub your eyes more frequently, so you get bags which does not assist either.

While sleeping, the renewal of your skin occurs and all kinds of hormonal and metabolic procedures happen. You need it for healthy skin. If you sleep too little, these processes are obstructed and can not be efficiently performed. For that reason sleep a minimum of 8 hours a night.

Tip 7: Beware with excessive sugar.

Delicious such a bar of milk chocolate, however the day after you see brand-new pimples or other skin grievances. This is since there is a great deal of sugar in milk chocolate.

The sugar guarantees that your blood sugar level goes up and your body needs to make more insulin. The result is an inflammatory action throughout your body. That swelling should be cleaned up and the waste comes out of your skin with pimples. In addition, enzymes are produced that minimize the production of collagen and elastin so that you get wrinkles quicker.

So adhere to fruit to treat and change the milk chocolate for at least 70% pure chocolate.

Tip 8: Take care with excessive salt.

Salt requires your body, but excessive salt is not good for you. If you consume too much salt, that has an impact on your immune system and also on your skin. This allows you to suffer from swellings with all pimples, dry skin and other effects.

Excessive salt also triggers cellulite.
Tip 9: Strength training.

Strength training is a good way to get your cholesterol down. Scientific research reveals that if you do four months of strength training, as a female you already have practically 17 percent less LDL cholesterol. In men, this result is similar, particularly a decrease of 16 percent.

Cholesterol is bad for your blood circulation, so your skin looks stunning, and triggers reactions in the body that are similar to inflammation. Therefore, you can suffer more from skin issues than regular.

Tip 10: Skin care for the early morning.

You can begin your morning regimen by exfoliating the skin. That is the method to wake up your skin in the early morning. All unneeded dead skin cells that have been changed in the evening are eliminated from your face in this method.

With dry or sensitive skin it is much better to exfoliate when a week.

Then clean your confront with a toner and then apply a nourishing and moisturizing cream. A glowing day can begin.

Tip 11: Skin look after the night.

In the evening, the skin repair work the damage it has suffered throughout the day. To make the most of this, it is important to clean your confront with a tonic before bedtime. This gets rid of dirt from the air next to makeup that has actually been left on your face.

You can see this in a kind of green yellow-colored spot and little hairs that are left on the cotton pad. That is really dust that has actually fallen on your face.

After cleansing you apply a nourishing cream that supports your skin during repair work.

Tip 12: Coconut oil.

There are important fats and acids in coconut oil that offer spring hydration and smooth skin. Coconut oil also helps versus injuries and also works disinfecting.

In addition, there is likewise vitamin E in the coconut oil, this benefits your skin along with you use or eat.

That is why coconut oil is also a good basis for cooking. Coconut oil is therefore caring in the external way and nutrient. It fits two pillars.

Coconut oil also has the good quality that you can heat it to heats. This is much better than olive oil that does not have such a high evaporation temperature level. As a result, the fats do not change in trans fats and this is a good basis for your stir fry meal.

Tip 13: Unique attention for skin conditions.

If you struggle with a skin problem such as acne, rosacea, eczema or psoriasis, often you need to take additional steps that individuals without these grievances do not have to take. That is why it is smart to give your skin additional attention. If you experience acne, you can likewise use Vaseline and toothpaste.

Rosacea is likewise a skin condition that needs extra attention. You ought to particularly take note of temperature changes and search for an activity in which you move, but not intensive sweat.

Eczema can occur in numerous put on the body. This is very bothersome and those spots likewise need unique treatment. You can likewise utilize Aloe Vera cream in addition to coconut oil.

Psoriasis is most likely the most difficult skin illness to handle. The overgrowth of skin is hard to stop and triggers bothersome signs such as itching and painful areas. You can aim to decrease the itch with cream based upon menthol.

Tip 14: Stress in charge.

Research study has actually revealed that if you experience mental tension the skin function for defense against germs goes down with all its effects. Your skin ages much faster and you have a higher possibility of bacterial swelling.

That is why it is very important to be in charge of tension. To be less stressed, you can a minimum of practice meditation. This is also possible at work. You then close your eyes and take a deep breath. Meanwhile, you attempt to let your ideas stream away. Do this for twenty peaceful breaths. Then you have actually currently made the primary step towards less stress.

Tip 15: Spray versus drought.

Especially in the summer season when it freezes in the winter season a spray versus dry skin is a great idea. If your skin starts to draw you can use the spray to obtain your fluid balance back. There are several companies that have a spray in an useful container. Then you can take it with you throughout the day, whether this is at work or throughout a day of shopping.

Tip 16: Skin care items that work.

Okay, this might sound a bit strange, since of course you have to utilize skin care items that work. Regrettably, not whatever operates in a container with an appealing text on it.

It is very important to have vitamin C, A and E in the cream because they secure your body from the outside against antioxidants. You can also use a serum for this. This typically likewise strengthens the effect of the day cream.

Avoid creams with perfume. That is an unnecessary substance that likewise makes the cream aggressive.

Likewise a cream with protection versus UV radiation, typically identifiable by a spf factor, is an excellent addition.

In addition, every skin is different and you sometimes need to check numerous items before you have actually discovered the right one.

Tip 17: Skin care oily skin.

If you suffer from oily skin, it is extra important to clean your skin in the morning and night so that you have less fat on your skin. As a result, you also suffer less from acne. Take care with the cleanser, if it is too strong this can irritate the skin and offer extra production of sebum.

Likewise periodically utilize a caring mask, such as a mask with a dead sea base. You can get this fairly cheap at the drugstore.

A greasy skin typically has a response to hormones as well as the weather condition. Investigate yourself how your skin reacts to modifications and change your care appropriately.

Tip 18: Skin care men.

Guys have a completely different skin than females, that you need to shave as a guy is currently evidence of this. Particularly the place where beard growth is and a daily razor reviews it is delicate in men. Since men are more dense anyhow, there is also more room for bacteria to grow.

In addition, guys have more pigment and collagen in the skin than women, which makes the gentlemen more stunning, and the facial hair obscured typically likewise obscured. Because the skin of males is various, they likewise require a various care. So other creams and other purifying representatives.

Buy items especially for men.

Tip 19: Skin care against wrinkles.

Wrinkles are related to aging and can for that reason be challenging to counteract, but there are aspects that can be influenced by which you end up being ‘slower’ old. For instance, the sun is a huge consider skin aging. Because of the sun there are numerous free radicals in your body that adversely impact the aging process. By utilizing sunscreen with a minimum of aspect 15 you can do a lot of this and stop wrinkles.

Cigarette smoking likewise makes you get wrinkles faster. STOP SO SMOKING, if you still do.

As you age, your skin also reduces collagen. That is why it is very important to use an excellent moisturizing cream. It is therefore quite normal to switch over to a new cream that will generate more wetness after a few years.

Tip 20: Green shakes.

I am now totally addicted to green smoothies. You get energy from it and if you do well likewise a lot of anti-oxidants. These are necessary for great skin once again. These deal with the free radicals that cause skin aging. Moreover, you get more substances through all the minerals and vitamins that can indulge your skin from the inside.

Tip 21: Superfoods.

Superfoods are also full of minerals and vitamins that supply your body with essential foods. Your skin also benefits from this. Particularly in mix with all previous ideas.

Among superfoods include:.


The three pillars are a good standard to focus on getting and keeping a gorgeous skin.With these 10 ideas you come a long way for beautiful skin. Nutrition, exercise and rest in a routine balance for your skin.